Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Do you have a consistent workflow?

Over the last couple months I have been crazy busy (hence the lack of posts) but the one thing that allows me to keep my sanity when I'm overwhelmed with work is having a consistent workflow.  

Obviously every session or shoot will be different but when I say "workflow" I am more or less talking about file management.  It is important to manage your files in a way that allows you to go back and find them quickly even years down the road.

Growing up I was always a kid who thrived on systematic chaos.  I always knew exactly where everything was even though it may have looked like a F5 tornado just tore through my bedroom. 

Years later I adapted a similar mindset with my business.  I figured I could just throw files in random folders and I would be able to find them when I needed them.  This worked fine when I was just starting out and I wasn't booking very many jobs but as I got busier I knew that something had to change.  

Sure, sifting through folders for hours on end never killed anybody, but why not use that time to do something productive?

I encourage you to check out the video below to see how I manage my files after a portrait session.  In no way do I expect you to take my workflow and replicate it exactly, but hopefully it can be a jumping off point for you to create your own workflow that works best for you.  

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Friday, August 28, 2015

The Instagram update everyone has been waiting for!

Or at least every photographer has been waiting for...

Instagram is an awesome tool for photographers and non photographers alike. The one thing that I always had a problem with was the fact that I had to use a third party app in order post a picture in landscape or portrait orientation.

The wait is over!

A couple days ago Instagram came out with version 7.5 which now allows you to post in portrait in landscape inside the app itself.  

This is a game changer for any of you want to post videos or photos that aren't square.

Here is a quick video of how to use the new feature.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.  Also be sure to follow @ReadylightMedia on Instagram and Twitter and enter your email at the top of the page to receive updates, discounts and giveaways.  


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Diving into natural light (the confessions of a "non-natural light” photographer)

There is a debate old as time itself between photographers, trying to determine whether flash photography or natural light photography is better. I must admit, for pretty much my entire photographic career (up until about a month ago) I was a die hard strobist.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Are you bringing too much gear to a photo shoot?

If you're anything like me, you probably are...

If I had a mantra, it would probably be "better safe than sorry". It's pretty sound advice for pretty much any occasion.  However, I find myself using it as an excuse for bringing WAY too much gear to photo shoots that in no way require that much gear.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Do you maintain relationships with your past clients?

If you don’t, you should…

Let me start by saying “I love my job!” Not everybody is lucky enough to do what they love and meet amazing talented people on a daily basis.
I’m one of the lucky ones.

What lens should you use when taking a headshot?

Do you ever wonder what lens you should use when taking a headshot or a portrait? This is a common question among photographers new and experienced.  The reason even veteran photographers still ask this question is because every single photo shoot has a different set of variables which may effect your decision on what gear you should use.  I recently shot a video that dives into detail what shooting portraits at different lengths will do to your subject.  I started at 10mm and made my way up to 200mm to show how wide angle lenses distort the face and make your portrait extremely unnatural and unflattering.  I want send out a HUGE thank you to my girlfriend Shelby who was nice enough to model for this demonstration and brave enough to let me post some really awful photos of her…. Don’t worry there are some really good ones too!

Should you shoot “composite” or “on location” portraiture? - The Pros and Cons

When it comes to shooting portraits I am constantly torn between whether or not I should shoot on location or in a studio. Obviously some portraiture calls for a simple clean background and if that’s the case, I can't think of a reason not to shoot in a studio setting. However, If a client wants a more complex portrait is it even worth it to try and convince them to shoot a composite in a studio setting or should you just shoot everything on location?

A little about the author - Jeff Carpenter

Jeff started his photography career shortly after graduating from the Art Institute of Tennessee - Nashville in 2010 and founded Readylight Media in 2011.  He is now a full time photographer and videographer specializing in Headshot Photography, Portrait Photography as well as Corporate, Event, and Music Video Production.  His company “Readylight Media” specializes in all aspects of visual media including Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and even Sound Design. Their goal is to take your vision and make it a reality.