Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Do you have a consistent workflow?

Over the last couple months I have been crazy busy (hence the lack of posts) but the one thing that allows me to keep my sanity when I'm overwhelmed with work is having a consistent workflow.  

Obviously every session or shoot will be different but when I say "workflow" I am more or less talking about file management.  It is important to manage your files in a way that allows you to go back and find them quickly even years down the road.

Growing up I was always a kid who thrived on systematic chaos.  I always knew exactly where everything was even though it may have looked like a F5 tornado just tore through my bedroom. 

Years later I adapted a similar mindset with my business.  I figured I could just throw files in random folders and I would be able to find them when I needed them.  This worked fine when I was just starting out and I wasn't booking very many jobs but as I got busier I knew that something had to change.  

Sure, sifting through folders for hours on end never killed anybody, but why not use that time to do something productive?

I encourage you to check out the video below to see how I manage my files after a portrait session.  In no way do I expect you to take my workflow and replicate it exactly, but hopefully it can be a jumping off point for you to create your own workflow that works best for you.  

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